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From The Mouth Of Paris EP

by Mieka Pauley

Colossal 03:57
Be honest, be straight: Do you wanna make a colossal mistake As much as I do? Oh, I do You wear an honest face Do you wanna lay the world to waste As much as I do? Oh, I do I’d like to say my head was steady This guilty script unready This dead-end trip unthought—or not— The world is asking for it Such an insane involuntary scream The world is begging for it Almost as loud as me Don’t hide it, don’t lie: Do you have a pretty face and sick mind As much as I do? Oh, I do If I’m right, and you’re in You better like a good sin As much as I do. Oh, I do I’d like to say I’m in the right The time more day than night My head more clear than rot—or not— The world... We’re in for it now, oh god, we’re in for it now But why would we ever want a way out? The world...
Minding my own business— Knock at the door—who is it? Be right there, one minute Gotta get up and go get it Got white hair, eyes all crazy Now most mad men don’t phase me But these guys, I’ll admit it Got me scared—we’re finished. The scientists proved it: we’re all gonna die They got charts & equations, the how when & why You did not invite them, and neither did I But they’re here—drink up, we’re all gonna die I go do my laundry Those docs are right behind me Get lost in some party Those creeps will always find me Who are they? What is this? I mind my own damn business Always there to remind me All about their findings The scientists... I don’t wanna go the way they say If I gotta go, let it be my way The scientists...
Faster 03:46
I found myself outside Walking in the dark and staring at the sky I will never understand how my life unfolds But fate just is; fate does not console Then they pulled me to the side They put their arms around me and led me inside They told me I was not the only one in pain But they console; they do not explain Faster than I can spin The world turns and changes again Sweeter still, till the end I still want it all again And there beside me, in letters ten feet tall The words of God were scrawled on the wall But I was not oblivious: I chose to ignore For words explain; words do not restore Faster... And I could wait until I regained my balance and made the world stand still But I would wait forever for my will to be that strong And as I waited, the rest of my life would be gone. Faster...
I don’t know what to do I think I lost track of that golden room If I find it again, I will lock myself in I don’t know what to do Please let me come home Before I forget it Please let everything Be just as I left it I did not see the change Step by step and I’m miles away With days made of hours, and years made of days I did not see the change Please... That memory left me hope For a peace I cannot comprehend I’ll resolve in heaven That ache heaven sent Please... I don’t know what to do. I think I lost track of that golden room—


released August 5, 2009

produced by Michael Mangini & Brian Cassagnol
engineered & mixed by Howie Beno
songs by Mieka Pauley, Brian Cassagnol & Andrew Morgan
artwork & design by Mieka Pauley

Mieka Pauley: vocals, guitar
Brian Cassagnol: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Andrew Morgan: bass
Gabriel Hays: keyboards
Sarab Singh: drums


songs ©2009 The Mess I'm In (SESAC) / Lost in Haiti (SESAC) / Filibuster Music (SESAC)
record ®©2009 Mieka Pauley

EP made possible by Cosmopolitan Magazine StarLaunch




Mieka Pauley Brooklyn, New York

Mieka Pauley possesses a voice that flows like good whiskey and a frankness that makes Alanis Morissette look shy. She conjures up a sonic immediacy with the same masterful command as Ani DiFranco with driving, yearning melodies that stand alongside the work of Michelle Shocked, Neko Case and Emmylou Harris. ... more

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